2018 Southern Boone Hall of Fame Inductee Information & Stats

2018 Southern Boone Hall of Fame Inductee Information & Stats

2000 Girls Track Team

Blaine Baker                                Jennifer Bennett                                   Ashley Bullard     

Kristi Collins                                Sarah Gill                                               Sarah Hooibrink

Amanda Lee                               Catherine Peer                                       Coach – Rachelle LeCure

The team won Districts and finished 1st Place in State as a team.  Coach LeCure was Track and Field 2A Coach of the Year (Ran the open sprints and sprint relay in High School. I was all-state in the 4 x 200 relay and twice in the 4 x 400 relay).

1) Southern Boone – 64 Points        2) Lutheran North – 56 Points         3) Berkley – 44 Points   

State Championship Performances:

Jennifer Bennett – 1st Pole Vault, 5th High Jump, 7th Long Jump, & 6th Triple Jump

Sarah Gill – 4th 100M High Hurdles & 2nd 300M Low Hurdles

Blaine Baker – 1st 100M

Sarah Hooibrink – 14th 800M

Catherine Peer – 12th 1,600M

4 x 100M Relay – 3rd (relay team)

4 x 200M Relay – 2nd (relay team)

4 x 400M Relay – 3rd (relay team)

Most Memorable Moment: Every day that I am called Coach! It maybe corny, but I still feel a sense of pride when I am addressed as a coach. It makes me proud to be able to help athletes and be a part of their team.

Most coachable athlete: The girls that ran for me before we had a track would be my most coachable. We ran, threw and jumped in the park. We had to wing every practice. The girls just went with it and never made excuses. I think that is one thing that made us so strong. No excuses!

What I would change: If I could change anything, it would be the uniform rule. Who cares if there is more than one Nike emblem on an undergarment!

Coaching mentor: Coach Donald Dobson was my mentor. He coached me my freshman and sophomore year in high school. He had a passion for track and being a part of a team. I continue to use many of the principles he taught me as a high school student athlete. “Osky” is still being used as our relay exchange.


Tillie Bill

High School Achievements – Soccer

Most Goals in a Season (58 – 2010), 2nd Most Goals in a Season (41 – 2009), 4th Most Goals in a Season (27 – 2008)

Most Assists in a Season (28 – 2009), 2nd Most Assists in a Season (27 – 2010)

Most Goals in a Career (141) - 12th All-Time in State of Missouri.

Most Assists in a Career (70) – 11th All-Time in State of Missouri.

Most Total Points in a Career (352) – 11th All-Time in State of Missouri.

All-State – 2nd Team (2008) – Won Districts

All-State – 1st Team, Offensive Player of the Year (2009) – Lost in Quarterfinals.

All-State – 1st Team, Class 1 Player of the Year, All-Midwest, Academic All-American (2010) – Lost in Quarterfinals.

High School Achievements – Basketball

4th – Career Steals (270)                                                4th – Career 3-Pointers Made (115)

5th – Career Points (1,233)                                              5th – Career Free Throws Made (294)

5th – Career Assists (546)                                               6th – Career Blocked Shots (39)

8th – Career Field Goals Made (436)                        

All-Conference, All-District, All-State (2009)

All-Conference, All-District, All-State (2010)

High School Achievements – Golf

12th – Districts, 59th – State - Team finished 3rd in State (2008)

Ashland/Southern Boone memories: 

  • My golf score counting for the first time all season at state.. it was my birthday and my first time shooting under 100! haha embarrassing
  • Playing Fulton my sophomore year in high school, I scored 3 goals in the last 15 minutes to come back from being down 2-0. 
  • Playing Herman in basketball my senior year. First I forgot my shoes and had to borrow another player's tennis shoes until my parents showed up with my basketball shoes. Then Coach Lacy had to call a time out for me to put my shoes on. As a team we went on to score less points than an individual player on the other team! She was so good!
  • My sophomore year the softball team won the Hickman tournament. We were the smallest school by far and won the entire tournament! I threw multiple people out at second as catcher in the final game.
  • During a soccer game against Booneville I started to take off my underarmour because I was getting hot. I had one arm and my head out when our team won the ball back. I went on to score a goal half dressed!
  • My junior year we made it to the district championship game against California. There were only a couple minutes left in the game and we were winning by 3. I stole the ball from the other team... but the ref called a foul and it was my 5th. California ended up winning that game and going to the final four that year. After the game the girl I stole the ball from agreed that it was not a foul :( It was a heartbreaker! 

Post High school accomplishments

  • Three NCAA tournament appearances
  • CCIW All tournament team 2012, 2013
  • Illinois Wesleyan Women's Soccer MVP 2013
  • NSCAA College Academic All-American and All-American 2014
  • Illinois Wesleyan's Female Athlete of the Year 2014

Influential People in my Life:

  • My Family- both my parents and siblings. My mom for instilling will and determination to succeed in whatever I put my mind to and being an excellent role model for this lesson. My dad for spending countless hours working on form, rebounding, and playing catch with me when I was younger.  Stessie for teaching me there is more to life than sports. Nathan for starting a family obsession with soccer and setting a goal record that I was determined to beat. Audrey for keeping me in check while improving my self-confidence and making me continue to work hard. Calvin for being my practice dummy whenever I was in need of a rebounder, ball chaser, goalie, or passer. 
  • Kari Koch- the first high school player that I idolized when watching women's basketball when I was younger. She was known for the 1000 shots she would take before going to school every morning. Her motivation and determination is something that stuck with me as a young athlete. She was a great role model (and she will never know my weird obsession I had when I was in elementary school). 
  • Coach Miller- Pushed me mentally and physically to be the best soccer player I could be. Without his guidance, my awards and records would not have been accomplished and I would not have played for such a great university. He deepened my love and understanding for the game of soccer.
  • Lydia Appleton- Not only was she my basketball coach, but she was also my life coach. She was the first coach that encouraged me to play multiple sports and pushed me just as hard in the classroom as she did on the court. 


Betty Craig

High School Achievements – Basketball

2nd – Career Points (2,000)                                           2nd – Career Field Goals Made (706)

2nd – Career Free Throws Made (588)                           2nd – Career Free Throws Attempted

1st & 2nd Most Free Throws Made in a Season (233 – 1957, 224 -1956) *233 FT in 1957 is 11th All-Time in State of Missouri

4th, 5th, & 9th Most Field Goals Made in a Season (269 – 1957, 218 – 1956, & 166 – 1955)

4th, 5th, & 12th Most Points in a Season (771 – 1957, 660 – 1956, & 445 – 1955) *771 Points in 1957 is 16th All-Time in               State of Missouri.  Was the All-Time High in the State when she graduated.

Made 21 Free Throws in a Game, 3 times (vs Wellington 12/3/1955, vs Prairie Home 1/11/1956 & vs Hallsville 2/4/1957) Most All-Time in a Game at Southern Boone/

Scored over 50 Points Twice (57 vs Wellington 12/3/1955 & 51 vs Laddonia 11/18/1955) – 2nd Most All-Time

Scored over 40 Points 9 Times – 2nd Most All-Time

Has 12 of the Top 50 Scoring Games in Southern Boone History

Had the 14 Highest Scoring Games in Southern Boone History when she graduated.

All-Conference/All-Star (1955)

All-Conference/All-Star and Conference Champions (1956) Team was 15-4.

All-Conference/All-Star and Conference Champions (1957) Team was 21-4.

Betty and sister Kay (graduated 1968) are the All-Time Leading Scoring Siblings in Southern Boone History (3,091 points)

High school athletic awards/accomplishments. Coach Boeger taught me the hook shot and the fade-a-way jump shot. Most points scored in one game – 57 points.  Held the highest percentage of free throws made, boys and girls, in the State of Missouri at the time (Betty made 75.17% of Free Throws in 1956 and held the season record for 39 years until April Smith broke the record in 1995.  She is currently 14th All-Time)

Team accomplishments. Conference and tournament wins.

Post high school sports activities and accomplishments.  I played local traveling basketball and softball until I started being accident prone and had to give it up.

Ashland/Southern Boone memories.  Good education in preparation for life after school.

Influential people in their lives.   Ross Boeger, coach and Sarah Middleton, English teacher.

Tell us about your family and career since high school.   Attended the University of Missouri for one year.  I have remained single.  My career (50 years) was in Information Technology and I enjoyed learning the new technology as time passed. I retired in 2000 from the State after 30 years in Information Technology. While I enjoyed my career, retirement is better!

I had great support from my family in everything I did and continue to do. I do appreciate all the assistance that I receive from my sister, Kay, my brother, Jim, and my nephew Steve and his wife, Terri.

Because of health reasons, I cannot attend the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Arthritis has become a big part of my life and I’m confined to a walker/wheel chair.

Please know that I am most appreciative of this nomination and very thankful to be a part of an excellent group.

Betty R. Craig


Melvin Lewis

High School Achievements – Basketball

1st – Career Field Goals Made (724)                                    

2nd – Career Points Scored (1,724) *Held Record until 2013.    

4th – Career Free Throws Made (276)

4th – Career Free Throws Attempted (410)

1st & 4th Most Field Goals Made in a Season (315 – 1966, 248 - 1965)

3rd Most Free Throws Made in a Season (138 – 1966)

4th Most Free Throws Attempted in a Season (218 – 166)

Conference Champions (1963) – (17-8)

All-Conference (1965) (14-12)

All-Conference, All-District, All-State (1966) – Conference Champions (24-7), 2nd in Regional Tournament

1st, 2nd & 6th Most Field Goals Made in a Game (22 vs New Bloomfield 1/25/1966, 21 vs Jamestown 1/7/1964, and 17 vs Jamestown 1/5/1965

First Southern Boone Boy to score 50 or more points in a game.  Scored 50 vs New Bloomfield on 1/25/1966.  That record stood until 2017 when Maguire Scheer scored 52.    

4 of the 9 Top 9 All-Time Scoring Games.

Most 40+ Point Games in a Career (4)

1st & 4th Highest Career Scoring Average in a Season (24.77 – 1966 & 22.62 – 1965)

Post high school sports activities and accomplishments. 

Played  One Year of Basketball at Southwest Baptist College; 

Graduated with BA from Southwest Baptist 1970. 

BA degree from Southwest Baptist College

Retired from Ford Motor Co after 30 years.

Ashland/Southern Boone memories:

Countless memories but the one that sticks out is from 1966.  I forgot my uniform shorts and Bucky Smith talked me into wearing his while he wore shorts belonging to Jeanne Douglas.

Influential people in their lives:  Page Pendleton.  Did not appreciate him while in school, but I have since recognized his importance in my life.  Wish I could tell him so.

Tell us about your family and career since High School:

Wife Lynn (met at Southwest Baptist College). 

I have one son Jamey who is a radiographer for Research Hospital in Kansas City.  

I went to work for Ford Motor as summer help in 1970.  Money was so good that using my teaching degree became unappealing.

I retired from Ford Motor in 2000, after working 30 years.  Have also raised cattle and have had a small farm operation from time to time.

Have two grandchildren Jackson and Makenzie, ages 18 and 16. 

In addition to our home in Bates City, we purchased a second home in Warsaw where we enjoy spending our weekends...relaxing and fishing.

I also enjoy teaching my Sunday School Class.


Gerald Buescher

High School Achievements – Basketball

5th – Career Field Goals Made (511) – Was All-Time Leader when he graduated.                                

6th – Career Points Scored (1,244) – Wall All-Time Leader when he graduated.

13th – Career Free Throws Made (222) – Was All-Time Leader when he graduated.

2nd & 9th Most Field Goals Made in a Season (283 – 1960 & 210 – 1959)

3rd & 10th Most Points in a Season (694 – 1960, 505 -1959)

5th Most Free Throws Made in a Season (128 -1960)

4 of the Top 23 All-Time Scoring Games, at one time had 4 of the Top 5 Highest Scoring Games at Southern Boone. Career High of 38 vs Sturgeon (2/12/1960) was 2nd Most All-Time when he graduated.

Led team in Points, Steal, an Assists as a Senior and was 2nd in Rebounds as a Point Guard (1960)

Unofficial 3-Point Record Holder for a Game, as Gerald hit 11 out of 16 from the top of the key in a game against Fatima on 1/3/1959

Conference Champions (1958) – 19-12

Conference Champions (1959) – 25-8

All-Conference, All-District, All-State, Class S All-Regional Team (1960) – 17-12 (First Southern Boone/Ashland player selected to the All-State Team)

High School Achievements – Baseball

4 Year Letterman (Ashland’s Baseball team wasn’t in a Conference at this time)

Top Pitcher & Most Wins (1958, 1959, 1960)

Led team in Batting Average, Doubles, Triples & Stolen Bases (1960)

Was selected the school "Athlete of the Year" as a Senior (1960)


Post high school sports activities and accomplishments: I played college basketball at Moberly Junior College and my coach was Cotton Fitsimmons, who is in the college and NBA Hall of Fame.

Ashland/Southern Boone memories: My fondest memories involved athletics, the friends I made and so many of the games I still remember.  We were a small school and most of the students knew each other well, most of us did things together outside of athletics.  Our teachers were great and truly wanted their students to do well in life. I remember most of the teachers yet today.

We won our conference my junior year, having a really good team.  The other starters on our team were my brother, Darold, Ted Neiman, Eddie Bennett and Kirk Terrill.  Auxvasse, Hallsville, Harrisburg, and Sturgeon were all in our conference and had really good teams.  Our baseball team was not in a conference but played Hickman, Jefferson City and other large schools and played competitively with them.

My uniform being retired after my senior year, an honor I will never forget.

Influential people in their lives: There were a lot of people that influenced my life, the most obvious were my mother and my high school coach, Ross Boeger.  I grew up in Hartsburg, a very small and close community.  It seemed like there were so many adults in Hartsburg that would do anything to help the young people in that small farming community, they helped make my young years so much easier. My grand-parents, as well as, many aunts and uncles contributed to make our young lives so much fun.  Augie Begeman, also from Hartsburg, began a youth baseball program when I was very young and his influence touched many of us.

Tell us about your family and career since High School: I am married to Margaret and have one son, Jared.  Margaret and I have been married for thirty-three years and Jared and his wife, Rachelle, have blessed us with a wonderful, eight-month old little grand-daughter.

My career includes forty years as a high school teacher and basketball coach.  As a coach, my teams have won 802 games, the third most in Missouri history.  My teams have won two state championships, a second place finish, and two forth place finishes.  I am the only coach in state history to have taken five different schools to the Final Four.  I am also the only coach in state history to have been chosen "State Coach of the Year" at three different schools.  I have been head coach at Owensville, Republic, Springfield Catholic, South Callaway, New Bloomfield, Linn, and Jeff City Helias.  At one time while at Owensville, my teams had a 38-game winning streak.  As a coach, my teams have won district titles in 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A.

One of the biggest thrills of a long coaching career is seeing so many young people I have coached, spent so much time with, and gotten to know so well become adults and be very successful in their careers and in their lives.  It is so rewarding to see so many good, young kids become such good, successful adults.  I only hope I have had a little influence in the success of their lives.  I have been fortunate to be successful in the coaching field, but ANY coach will tell you, you have to have good players that will work hard and listen to their coach for any team to be successful.  I have been so fortunate to have had so many players that were great athletes and would do what their coaches asked them to do.

I was fortunate enough to be inducted into the Missouri state Coaches Hall of Fame in 1993, the youngest active member ever inducted.  I am also a member of the Southern Boone baseball Hall of Fame, a wonderful honor.


Joyce Arnsmeyer

High School Achievements – Basketball

1st – Career Points (3,038) – 6th Most All-Time in the State of Missouri.  Joyce held the record until 1991.

1st – Career Field Goals Made (1,207) – 3rd Most-All Time in the State of Missouri.  Joyce held record until 2011.

1st – Career Free Throws Made (624) – 8th Most All-Time in the State of Missouri.  Joyce held record until 2002.

1st – Career Free Throws Attempted (991) – 6th Most All-Time in the State of Missouri.  Joyce held record until 1969.

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Most Points in a Season (994 – 1966, 847 – 1964, & 837 – 1965) *994 Points is 5th Most All-Time in the State of Missouri.  Joyce held the record until 1990. 847 Points is 14th All-Time and 837 Points is 15th All-Time.

1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 21st Most Field Goals Made in a Season (404 – 1966, 341 – 1964, 310 – 1965, & 152 – 1963) *404 FGM is 3rd Most All-Time in the State of Missouri.  Held record until 1990.

3rd, 4th, & 5th Most Free Throws Made in a Season (217 – 1965, 186 – 1966, & 165 – 1964)

1st, 4th, & 5th Most Free Throws Attempted in a Season (348 -1965, 294 – 1966, 293 – 1964) *348 FTA is 6th All-Time in the State of Missouri.

Made over 20 Field Goals in a Game 10 times (Most was 27 vs Renick 1/31/1964 and vs Auxvasse 11/26/1963). She has the Top 10 Games in Southern Boone History. *27 FGM is 5th Most All-Time in the State of Missouri.

Scored 72 points vs Rencik (1/31/1964) – 3rd Highest Scoring game in the State of Missouri. 

Scored 61 points twice, vs Auxvasse (11/26/1963) and vs Mokane (11/17/1965)

Scored over 50 points 8 times (1st All-Time)

Scored over 40 points 2 times (1st All-Time)

Has the Top 4 Scoring games of All-Time, 7 of the Top 10, 15 of the Top 20 and 5 of the Top 50 All-Time Games.

Career Scoring Average of 33.73 Points Per Game is still the Missouri All-Time record.

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Highest Points Per Game – Season (39.76 – 1966, 38.50 – 1964, & 38.05 – 1965) *39.76 is 4th All-Time in the State of Missouri.

All-Conference – 1963

All-Conference – 1964, Team was 17-5

All-Conference – 1965, Team was 16-6

All-Conference – 1966 (Won Conference Championship) Team was 20-5

Post High School Activities and AccomplishmentsPlayed AAU Basketball for the Raytown Piperettes – 1966-67 and placed 3rd in the National Tournament.

Played on softball teams in Columbia and team earned state titles.

Now play lots of golf and pickleball.

Ashland/Southern Boone Memories: Will always remember the girls/women I played basketball with. It was only because of their efforts that I was able to do what I did on the court. Also, the fan base we had as a team was that greatest. I always had family and friends in the stands no matter where we played. And, the only time we practiced was either first or last period on the school day. No outside organized practices. So, for the limited time we were able to practice we did pretty darn well. Also, I have to say the administration and teachers were always great accommodating our leaving early for games etc. No one can forget Mr. and Mrs. Pendleton, Coach Jones, Mrs. Middleton, Mrs. Crump, Mrs. Gilmore – I could go on and on.

Influential PeopleOf course my parents and family were most supportive. We would have family dinners at my grandparents’ home and would always end up outside on the basketball court.

But, there are two people I do have to recognize:

First, my Uncle, Augie Begemann - he was so much help and showing me how to do this move or that. On those Sunday afternoon at Grandma’s house he would be right out there not only watching but playing with me and the other cousins. And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy playing on a dirt court and with all those boys. But Uncle Augie must have seen something because he was always eager and willing to shoot loops and instruct whenever he could. Thanks Uncle Augie.

Second, Coach Don Jones – how do you talk about a man that did so much. He not only guided us as a team but provided that extra spark of ‘OK – you can do this – now just get out there and play your game.’ Always a quiet man, but one that wanted not only the best for you and your team but also for you as a individual to succeed in life. He taught us all a lot. Thanks Coach!

Family and CareerMarried to Vic Gillespie. I have two children, Darrin Cramer and Kelly Cramer and two grandchildren, Douglas and Casey Cramer.

I spent 30+ years at the University of Missouri-Columbia (some part-time while kids were in school) and retired from University Health Care Diabetes and Endocrinology Center in 2007. I’m now enjoying retirement and playing golf and pickle ball along with following the grandkids activities.


April Smith

High School Achievements – Basketball

1st – Career Steals (383)                                             3rd – Career Points (1,791)

3rd – Career Field Goals Made (580)                         3rd – Career Assists (297)

3rd – Career Free Throws Made (534)                      4th – Career Free Throw Percentage (73.54%)

5th – Career 3-Pointers Made (97)                             5th – Career Blocks (42)

8th – Career Rebounds (475)

All-Conference (1993)

All-Conference, All-District (1994)

All-Conference, All-District (1995) – Conference & District Champions (22-6)

All-Conference, All-District, All-State, Academic All-State, & Finalist for Miss Show Me Basketball (1996) Conference Champions (24-2)

Top 3 Free-Throw Percentage Games (Most Free Throws Made in a Game without a Miss)

14-14 vs Fatima (2/3/1996)                           12-12 vs South Callaway (2/10/1994)                       10-10 vs Fatima (1995-96)

High School Achievements – Softball

All-Conference, All-District – 1995 – Conference Champions

All-Conference, All-District – 1996 – Conference Champions

All-Conference, All-District – 1997 – Conference Champions

 High School Achievements – Track

Conference Champion and All-District – 100M and 300M Hurdles. 

All-District – 4 x 200M Relay Team

Post high school sports activities and accomplishments:

Basketball-Central Methodist University

All-Conference (Heart of America Athletic Conference-HAAC)-1997, 1999 and 2000

HAAC Player of the Week-2000

NAIA Division II National Player of the Week-2000

NAIA Division II All-American-1998-99 and 1999-2000

Darla Pannier Outstanding Female Athlete Award-2000

Graduated holding seven individual records-points in a career, career scoring average, career field goals made, 3-point field goals in a career, most consecutive free-throws made (was also a NAIA Div II record), most free throws made in a career and season (most of these have been broken since)

Team record of 114-34 with four NAIA Division II National Tournament appearances; 1 regular season conference championship and 2 conference tournament championships

NAIA Division II Tournament finishes-Sweet 16 (1997 and 2000), Elite 8 (1998), Final 4 (1999)

Member of the Hairston Hall of Fame-Inducted 2008 and an individual; member of 4 teams that were also inducted (1996-97 through 1999-2000)

Ashland/Southern Boone memories

Community support: I have continuously been amazed at the ability of this community to come together to raise money, build facilities, passing bond/levy ballot issues, and show up to cheer on students and participants.  It is what I always point out to people who try to compare this community to others.  Southern Boone goes above and beyond to address the needs of the area to make it a great place to live and learn.  There are so many selfless individuals in this community who are willing to champion efforts to bring the best to their neighbors. Community support is unmatched in the Central Missouri area!

Strong sense of pride and relationships built here: Both sides of my family have roots here with many of my extended family still in the area.  I still keep in touch with former classmates and their families, teachers, and coaches.  I learned to strive to do my best by admiring the achievements of others from this community. I grew up watching games and now I get to watch games on Dave Gill court and I walked by the display of Joyce's retired jersey everyday of junior high and high school.  I got to listen to my parents describe the talents of individuals they grew up with.  All of this created the desire to represent myself, my family and my community by giving my best effort.

Influential people in your life:  The people who have impacted me the most and that I am most grateful for are those who always pushed me to improve and never allowed me to settle for less than I could give.

My parents-They provided continuous support with good doses of reality but always provided me with opportunities to work on my skills. They were involved every step of the way; they pushed, they lifted me up, they paid, drove, stayed up late and got up early, they offered advice and let me figure things out, they watched and cheered and never complained.  I am striving to be that type of parent for my son.

My brother, Adam-What older brother doesn't work tirelessly to ensure that you never think that you are better than you really are? He humbled me many times playing in our driveway and walking the school hallways together.  He is still making sure that I get the most out of myself.

Kim Stichnote - I couldn't even begin to count the hours she spent grading papers in the gym so that I could stay and workout. I'm sure Mike wondered where she was but he was always our number one fan. She was crazy enough to be our head coach when our prospects were not very bright but turned the program into a state-level competitor. She is analytical and disciplined and has the highest Emotional IQ of anyone that I have been around.  She knows people and is the best at getting each person to contribute her talents toward achieving a team goal.

Dave Gill-This man deserves all of the recognition he has received for being a great coach, but he was also a tremendous athletic director. He supported and promoted all of the Southern Boone programs. He has a way of making you trust him so that you can play without hesitation or doubt. He gave me my first basketball. He told me that he would make sure I had an opportunity to play basketball my freshman year even if it was on the boys team since the number of girls playing was slim at the time.  He told me that it didn't matter which position I thought I could play on the softball field, he was going to play me wherever was best for the team and I would be fine as long as I gave my best effort. He told me after getting thrown out stealing, "I tell you to steal, you run as hard as you can and whatever happens after that is my responsibility."  He and Jeanne also gave me two awesome teammates since I got to play multiple sports with both Kim and Meredith.  Sarah was also a great athlete, just missed out on our chance to play together.


Mike Davis, CMU coach-He has a special talent of making me so mad I want to spit nails at the same time he makes me want to exceed expectations. He never let me be complacent, accept less of a role in our success, or make any excuses.  I improved every year in his program and I still want to do things that impress him. His influence makes me continue to strive to deliver excellence.


A few other people who deserve to be recognized for the support of our schools/community and me: Marilyn Thorpe, Ruth Tichenor, Lonna Trammell, John Pauley, Glenn and Jane Dothage, Jeff and Tammie Dodson, Suzanne Richardson, Polly Burrell, Julia White

Family and career since high school

Family: Married Brian Ash in 2001 and have one son, Nolan age 8. Brian is active in sports; coaching baseball, softball and archery. He has led 3 baseball teams to state championships and last year coached two high school All-Americans and the MO Gatorade Player of the Year. Nolan is enjoying learning to play basketball and baseball and also likes to read and build Legos.

Career: Graduated from Central Methodist University with a degree in Biology and went on to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from University of Kansas.  After practicing pharmacy for five years, switched careers and taught high school science for 6 years, assisted in coaching basketball, and earned two Master's degrees in Education and Activities Administration during that time. Currently practicing pharmacy again in the retail setting and awaiting commission as a medical officer in the U.S. Navy Reserves.

1986 Girls Softball Team

Sherri Arnold                                       Shelly Bowman                                 Julie Brunstrom

Jill Burkett                                           Angela Burnett                                  Denise Calvin

Missy Calvin                                         Rachel Forsee                                   Leigh Glascock

Nicki Howe                                           Tammy Muenks                                 Michele Nichols

Shelly Nichols                                      Tammie Nichols                                 Amy Sapp

Jill Selby                                               Kim Short                                          Jessie Skouby

Kit Smith                                              Dayna Stock                                      Lisa Taggart

Kelly Tracy                                          Tracy West                                          Coach – Dave Gill

Won Little Dixie Conference (Undefeated), defeated New Bloomfield 9-0 to win Districts, defeated Elsberry 12-0 to win Regionals, and defeated New Franklin 4-0 to advance to the Final Four.  The Lady Eagles defeated Wheaton 4-1 in the Semi-Finals and then defeated Westran 6-5 in 10 innings to win the State Championship.

Overall: 16-1 (only loss to Jefferson City (1-2) in Jeff City Tournament).  10 of the wins were shutouts.  Outscored opponents 142-31

Coach Gill, can you list one memorable moment from the 1981 Championship Team? My most memorable moment from the 1986 team was the championship game against Westran. It was a 6-5 win in 10 innings. 

You had other State level teams over the years.  What do you attribute your teams success to? I attribute our team success to great players and a fan base that accepted my style of coaching.


1981 Girls Softball Team

Lesley Arnold                             Karla Bennett                                             Lisa Berry

Leta Bowden                              Angie Cunningham                                    Kathy Ennis

Diana Gilpin                                Debbi Hartman                                          Lori Lachnit

Kathy Manns                               Pam Martin                                                Vicki Martin

Debbie McDow                           Sonja Raitt (deceased)                             Jeana Selbach

Jean Selby                                  Kim Selby                                                   Dora Smallwood

Sandra Smallwood                     Sherry Vandelicht                                      Cynthia Welch

Crystal White                             Diana Whitworth                                        Linda Woods

Kim Woods                                 Traci Wren                                                 Coach – Dave Gill

Won Little Dixie Conference (Undefeated), defeated New Bloomfield 6-5 to win Districts, and defeated Kingsville 11-4 to win Regionals.  Lady Eagles defeated defending State Champion Mid-Buchanan 3-2 in 15 innings to advance to the Final Four.   In the Semis, Lady Eagles beat Crocker 7-5 to advance to the Championship where they blew out Wheaton 16-4 to win Southern Boones first State Championship.

Fall Season: 10-0, Spring Season: 16-2 - Overall: 26-2 (only losses came to Blair Oaks in Jeff City Tournament (took 2nd Place))

Coach Gill, can you list one memorable moment from the 1986 Championship Team? My most memorable moment from the 1981 championship team was the ‘81 quarterfinal game versus mid-Buchanan. The 15 inning win sent the first SoBoCo team to a Final Four. 

Coaching girls is different than coaching boys.  What one piece of advice would you give a newer coach? The only advice I would give a newer coach, coaching girls versus boys,  is to treat them the same... as the athletes that they are.

Did you ever sign along during the bus trips? I assume you were asking if I ever sang along during bus trips. No. My mother wouldn’t even let me sing in church because I sing so badly. 


Dave Gill

MBCA Hall of Fame Basketball Coach (inducted in 2004).   Coached Boys Basketball for 25 years (1978-2003) and holds the school record for wins (445), games coached (679), conference titles (12), district titles (5), sectional titles (3), and 20-win seasons (9).  Class 2 Coach of the Year – 1993.

Coached Softball for 13 years, winning conference 12 of those years along with 7 district titles, 5 final fours and 2 state titles (1-2nd Place & 2-4th Place finishes).  Overall record of 203-46 (81.5% winning pct)

Coached Boys Golf for 25 years (Golf was started in 1978).  Won 23 Conference Championships and 3 District Team Championships and placed in the Top 15 at State 3 times.  He also sent multiple individuals to the State Championship.

Coach Gill also coached Track and Baseball (winning conference championships in both sports and sending multiple individuals to the State Track Finals).


What is your Most Memorable moment during your coaching career? The most memorable moment of my coaching career was walking into the gym and seeing so many former players the night the basketball floor was dedicated. 

If you could have gone back and played one game again....which one would it have been? If I could play one game over it would be the 1985 State quarterfinal basketball game versus Clopton. Extreme foul trouble kept us from going to the Final Four. 

Does someone come to mind as your most coachable player?  It is impossible to say who the most coachable player was simply because there were so many but if I had to choose one it would be Chris Jennings because he was the ultimate team player. 

Who influenced your coaching style?  Did you have a mentor? Norm Stewart and Ken Ash were the biggest influences on my coaching style. 



2018 Southern Boone Hall of Fame Photo Gallery

2018 Southern Boone Hall of Fame Photo Gallery

Southern Boone Hall of Fame Banquet

Southern Boone Hall of Fame Banquet